Mahoromatic: Summer Special is the 2nd Mahoromatic Special of the series


Mahoro orchestrated a small task force with her, Minawa, The Triomatic and Ms. Shikijo as they plan to confiscate all of Suguru's , Kawahara's and Hamaguchi's collection of dirty books, only to discover that the guys already knew their plan and orchestrated their own plan to protect their books.


The Special begins with a narration as Mahoro is finishing up the laundry, As she place Suguru's clothes in his room she discover another one of his dirty books between two book shelves.

We then cut to a park where Suguru informs Kawahara and Hamaguchi that Mahoro found the book and confiscated it, which upset them as they can't believe she did it again and Suguru still trying to figure out how she manage to find them, no matter how much he hides them. Hamaguchi then asked if she find his prize collection which he informs that she didn't find it yet, only to be discovered by a little girl who was hired by Mahoro and Minawa to eavesdrop on the boys convestion.


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