Suguru Misato is one of the two main protanginists of the series. He is a junior high school student living in Tokyo with his maid Mahoro Andou.

Biography Edit

Suguru lost both of his parents when he was young. He intially believed his father was killed in an accident, but his father was actually killed in combat as a commander in VESPER. Suguru lived in his parents house alone until the arrival of Mahoro. His house was unkept, and was described as haunted, since he could not take care of himself. He is very popular with the ladies, but his feelings are mainly for Mahoro.

Suguru was at first unsure of whether to keep Mahoro as her maid after she stopped a couple of criminals from hijacking a bus he was riding on. After she came and helped cook dinner and clean Suguru in his bath, Suguru, thinking Mahoro would not have anywhere else to go, decides to hire her as his maid.

Suguru soon found out that Mahoro was against anything ecchi when she had a talk with him about a pile of pronagraphic magazines he kept in his room.

In the anime, after Mahoro's death, Suguru decided to isolate himself from Japan, never to return. Since then, he devoted his life to be a renegade half-cyborg hunter of the last "Management holdouts. When his companion tried to kill him and was later revealed to be an android himself, Suguru became seriously injured from being stabbed through the stomach and struggled to find medical attention. Suddenly, Mahoro reappeared alive and offered to take Suguru home, and a illusion is shown of a young Suguru running up to Mahoro and they both happily hug each other in tears.


Suguru, according to Mahoro, is similar to his father. Suguru is an intelligent junior high school student, with an IQ of 130. Suguru constantly tries to please everyone, which leads to him getting pushed over. Mahoro usually stands up for him during these times. Contrary to his stereotypical nerdy appearance Suguru attracts the attention of many female characters including his junior high school teacher. Suguru is not exactly the courageous type, but will willing step in to protect Mahoro and Minawa. Suguru also enjoys the ecchi genre, and often keeps a collection of pornographic magazines in his room, which are often confiscated by Mahoro whenever she finds them lying around as she believes that "Dirty Thoughts are Really Bad".

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