Saori Shikijo is one of the main characters of Mahoromatic. She is Suguru's perverted and pedophilic teacher who is sexually attracted to him. She often thinks dirty thoughts of him and wants to teach him how to become a real man, but is always thwarted by Mahoro, who strongly dislikes her for her perverted attraction to him. She and Mahoro always have competitions among each other, and despite their rivalry, Shikijo always arrives at the residence as a guest, only for Mahoro's cooking.

Biography and other Edit

Along with her perverted attraction to Suguru, Miss Shikijo often uses her humungous boobs to get her and show she's the alpha woman, not mohoro. With Suguru she also quite often forces his head in her boobs to punish him, she is also an alcoholic which we see quite often when we see her outside of school hours in her home etc,

which often leaves her quite broke. In something more beautiful (season two) episode 3 Mahoro tries to use a breast expansion vaccum without anyone knowing but Miss Shikijo gets attached to it which makes her chest even larger than it already is!, Suguru also gets attached to it and gets large boobs Mohoro finds it rather funny, but Miss Shikijo finds it rather hot and takes advantage of Suguru by saying "Hmm that's kinda cute.., COME WITH ME LITTLE LADYl, COME AWAY AND SEE A WHOLE NEW SIDE OF LIFE" Whilst grabbing his wrist and running off with him which is normal behaviour for Miss Shikijo.

Personality Edit

Shikijo is perverted and has a huge attraction to young boys, especially Suguru. She is shown to have a Shōtarō complex since she often imagines seducing Suguru, and she often provides comic relief with attempting to do that, which often backfires by Mahoro, quite clearly getting jealous which then again! most girls can probably relate too.

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