Mahoro Andou is one of the two main protagonists of Mahoromatic as well as the title character. She is an android created by Vesper who decides to spend the remainder of her days as a maid to Suguru Misato. Her family name was decided by Suguru.

Biography Edit

Mahoro is an android created by Vesper to fight an alien invasion by Saint, and proved to be quite quick and powerful, making her strong enough to destroy her enemies. After fighting successfully for Vesper with her great and powerful fighting skills, she is given an option to do what she wants with the rest of her remaining 398 days to live, as she had a limited life span. She decides to become a maid to Suguru Misato, who is the son of her superior officer who Mahoro reluctantly killed (out of his command) when she had to kill an alien that was taking him hostage.

Mahoro first encountered Suguru in a bus when a couple of criminals attempted to hijack it. When a young girl dropped her teddy bear, Masa pointed his gun at her, but she managed to knock him and nobu on conscious, and take control of the bus. Later, she arrived at Suguru's garden.

Personallity Edit

Mahoro is sweet-natured, well-mannered, and kind-hearted who is friendly with everyone and is a welcomed regular at markets. She quickly becomes very popular in Suguru's school when it soon comes about that a maid is working for him. She is an exellent cook, as she is able to mix anything left over into something nutritious.

If there was one thing Mahoro doesn't take kindly to, it's anything perverted, including pornographic magazines, of which she always confiscates from Suguru. She was trained to do so by Suguru's father, who mentioned to her that "dirty thoughts are bad, hence her catchphrase, "Ecchi na no wa ikenai to omoimasu" ("I think that dirty thoughts are bad").

Mahoro was created using Saint alien technology, giving her a true soul and a pure heart. Later in the series it is revealed that Mahoro is directly connected to the memories of Matthew, who on some occasions supplies Mahoro advice.

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