Chizuko is one of Suguru's childhood friends.

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Chizuko is cheerful and bright, and is the most innocent of the "Triomatic". Her relationship with Suguru is almost like a little sister, and she is very loyal to him. While some may view that she may seem to have some sort of crush on him, she pushes that aside, but cherishes her friendship with him more than anything.

She loves eating and she likes to taste every one of Mahoro's foods, where she screams in cheerful joy whenever she tries any of it, though her friends accept it as a culinary approval. She also tries to sell Ecchi magazines to Suguru (since her father is in the buisness of making them) but is always stopped by Mahoro.

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Voice Actresses Edit

  • Asami Sanada (Japanese)
  • Melissa Fahn (English)
  • Rebecca Forstadt (English, Something More Beautiful Ep. 1-4, 12-14)

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